Hi Andrea, I’ve been meaning to get in touch to let you know that I got the job! The interview went really well and I really feel the sessions have made a massive difference and I honestly can’t thank you enough. I felt calm on the day and actually quite enjoyed the interview itself, something that I never thought I would ever say! My hands were steady! 😂 So, thank you so much - I feel like a changed woman!

I will definitely keep up with the recordings and have listened to them a few times this week already. 

Massive thanks again.

I had heard about hypnotherapy from friends and have always been curious as to whether it would work for me or not.

I have struggled greatly with my relationship with food since I was a early teen and at the age of 34 I wanted to finally get control over it once and for all.

I contacted Andrea to see if she could help me.

Andrea sent me some questionnaires to fill out in order to give her an overview of my relationship with food and my personal thoughts.

The moment Andrea arrived at my house I felt immediately at ease. It turns out I'm very susceptible to hypnotherapy! I was amazed at how certain trigger words have stayed with me since. One of the main issues I wanted to conquer was sweets! I am a very emotional eater and being a first time Mum to an toddler I am always tired! Sweets are often the first thing I grab for a quick burst of energy. Unfortunately I never stopped at a few! After speaking with me , Andrea clearly picked up on what trigger words would work for me and I'm surprised and so pleased to say they still work! I have not eaten sweets since November, so approaching 4 months now!!

I truly cannot recommend Andrea enough!!! She has helped me so much! Thank you x

Nic Allen – Cardiff 

To say I was skeptical is an understatement! Now I am a complete convert. Andrea is calm and reassuring and oh so helpful. She helped me to see what needed to change and that I have the power within myself to make those changes. There were things in my life, as in most peoples, that needed dealing with and that can be scary on your own. Andrea has helped me realise I can do anything, deal with anything and have a very positive future. Thank you Andrea for starting me on my new hope-filled loving journey.

Liz Bishop – Caerphilly

There is absolutely nothing scary about hypnotherapy. I was made to feel relaxed, comfortable and when the session had finished I honestly felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I've got a spring in my step, a new way of thinking and I cannot wait to see how I change as a person as a result of the session. Andrea made me realise that the mind is a powerful thing and a hypnotherapy session is the perfect way to make positive changes and get rid of mental blocks holding you back from achieving your life goal.

Emma Fudge – Bristol

I have ridden horses more or less all of my life but found suddenly I was lacking confidence and felt like i was losing my nerve. I have never tried hypnotherapy in the past so I wasn't sure what to expect but decided I would try it. 

From the start Andrea was warm, friendly and professional and immediately put me at ease. She answered all of my questions and helped me to understand why and how hypnotherapy works. The session itself was very revealing to me personally and afterwards I felt calm and relaxed. I also slept more soundly than I have in a long time! It's definitely vital to listen to the recording Andrea gives you to use at home afterwards. 

Andrea's after care and follow up was also considered and caring and I felt I could ask for any additional advice if I needed to. 

For me personally, I have felt a big shift in my level of confidence, not only in riding but overall. It's quite hard to pin point but I can only say I have a new feeling of inner confidence and calm about myself and what I can achieve. It seems to have crept up on me but I know I wouldn't have come to this turning point without Andrea's help. For that I am extremely grateful and impressed. 

I would highly recommend seeking Andrea's help for anything you are struggling with and would certainly go back to her again if I felt I had other areas in my life that I was finding difficult.

Lisa Curtis – Caerphilly

I had a session with Andrea on Thursday and she is lovely. I felt so relaxed and refreshed afterwards and ready to take on the world. Andrea is such a fantastic lady she really helped me to deal with my issues and I would recommend her to anyone.

Pamela Mackenzie – Scotland 

Working with Andrea was such a positive and valuable experience. I had two hypnotherapy sessions with her via a video conference, which were so empowering and even cathartic. One was for helping me to manage my stress caused by my fertility struggle and the other one aimed at helping me to combat my underlying urge for perfectionism and improve my lack of confidence. I had never thought I could be hypnotised, but Andrea provided such a safe and trusting environment that I was able to allow myself to let go of control and go easily with her suggestions. After the sessions I had to listen to the personalised recordings which Andrea made especially for me. Even though I mostly fell asleep after listening to them for a few minutes, the hypnotherapy recordings still had a significant effect on me by affecting my subconscious mind. I have been feeling so much more positive about my fertility journey, as I let go of a lot of my fears and anxieties. I have just started listening to the second recording, but I am confident that it will do me as good as the other recording did. Andrea was very empathetic, kind, caring and compassionate. I cannot recommend her enough.

Isabel – London

My husband and I have being trying to conceive for the past 2.5 years. When we started trying for a child there was joy and excitement but then after a year with no positive pregnancy test, we decided to ask our doctor if she could help. I am skeptical of medications so I don’t jump to doctors without serious consideration. At my first appointment she diagnosed me with PCOS. All my hormone levels were perfectly normal but my ovaries had cysts. This sent me into a continual downward spiral of depression and hopelessness.

I came across Andrea who was willing to coach me and have me try hypnosis. I was skeptical but willing to try it. After the first session, I felt energized. I was ready to conquer the world. Fast forward to a month later and nearly 30 days of focusing on myself and there is a completely new woman in me. A woman full of strength, hope, determination, and most importantly, love for herself.

The version of myself 30 days ago, compared to who I am today are complete opposites. I didn’t have to turn to medication to learn how to be happy and full of hope. Andrea walked me through each day to see the light. The light that is within myself and all around me, and for that I am forever grateful.

Rainee Lisko - USA

I’m 46 and am 13 weeks pregnant with twins!

I met my soul mate 18 months ago. We both wanted children and decided to give it a go before we were truly out of time. I was determined to give it my best shot and try different things to make it a success. One of these things was hypnotherapy and a close friend recommended Andrea. I had my first call with Andrea in mid-March this year, when she took the time to get to know me and my background. She promptly sent me a recording that I could listen to everyday to prepare myself for a successful pregnancy (and birth) and we booked the hypnotherapy session for mid-April.

During the hypnotherapy session, which was conducted successfully via video conference, Andrea explored any deep-seated beliefs I might have that could get in the way of a successful pregnancy. She did this skilfully and sensitively and while I was surprised about what came-up for me, it made perfect sense. Andrea then went on to redress those beliefs, while also helping my brain and body understand what it needed to do to grow and deliver a healthy baby. Andrea then sent me a recording of the key elements of the session so that I could continue to embed positive beliefs and messages.

I had two embryos transplanted about a week or so after the live session, and a positive pregnancy test two weeks after that! Since hearing I’m having twins, Andrea has sent me a new recording to support me in nurturing, growing and delivering my two little miracles. She regularly checks-in with me, and I really appreciate her interest and support, which has included advice and recommendations on all manner of things related to fertility, nutrition, well being and parenting.

I strongly believe that Andrea’s hypnotherapy played an important role in getting and keeping me pregnant.

Thank you Andrea

Helen, London

Update: Helen has since given birth to full term healthy twins.

My IVF story begins 3 years ago when we found out my husband had lower sperm quality which was, back then, explained as a reason why we haven’t been able to conceive a child after 2 years of trying. After the initial shock, we went for our first IVF which didn’t end up well. Apart from negative outcome, I was told that although my partner’s sperm was now in a normal range (after he changed his lifestyle and quit smoking), my ovarian reserve is low and that this, combined with my Hashimoto disease, is a big reason why I will have trouble staying pregnant and shouldn’t wait much since, and I quote, my ovarian reserve is like I’m 44 and not 31 as I was at the moment.

Long story short, in this 2 years we went for 2 another IVF attempts – both resulting in early miscarriages. Somewhere at the beginning on our last attempt, in May this year, I came across hypnotherapy sessions with Marisa Peer and started exploring it. As I was very sceptic about the outcome that IVF attempt and knowing that your thoughts create reality, I said to myself that if this 3rd attempt doesn’t end up in healthy pregnancy, I will find a therapist who will find out the reason why I am so sceptical about me being pregnant and have trouble picturing myself as a mother – despite the my enormous wish of being a one. I just felt like there is more I can do apart from all the needles and pills.

Luckily, I came across Andrea and after a short phone call we arranged our first hypnotherapy session. During the therapy she “returned” me to several situations in my childhood that revealed how my whole life, because of those situations, I had several “wrong” beliefs – biggest one of them was that I wasn’t worthy of being a mum. Apart from that one we discovered several more which were like a normal facts to me but I never managed to discover their roots or changed them – at least not until our hypnotherapy. 

After the therapy, Andrea sent me the recording, based on the things we found out and told me to listen to it for 21 days. Soon after this, maybe 10 days later, we had another hypnotherapy which already showed us how some beliefs I had, disappeared and I was thrilled to the fact that this was obviously working. After 21 day I started listening to the recording from our 2nd session and now, 42 days after we begun with this whole therapy, I caught myself saying “When I will have a child”, instead of saying “If I will have a child”. The worthy issue totally disappeared and I’m more convinced than ever I will be a fantastic mum. And the best part is that apart from this beliefs I managed to change in such a short notice, I also have a written prove this works - my AMH level grew so much, more than double, that I’m no longer in the “lower ovarian reserve” part of the scale and this only proves that this is working amazingly for me.

I’m really grateful that I came across Andrea because she helped me changed my whole mindset in a way I cannot explain. Every day I can’t wait to listen to our recordings and have totally different opinion on this whole pregnancy issue – it is no longer an issue for me but some little obstacle that will be removed soon 😊


‘I sought Andrea’s help for a long standing confidence issue that I always thought had held me back. After a few sessions, I was better equipped to rationalise my fears and apply myself in my most effective way. Thank you Andrea, the coaching and therapy you have given me has helped immensely and I will be forever grateful.’ 


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