Are you facing overwhelm and burnout? 

Does life feel dull, mundane or uninspiring? 

Do you sense you’re not reaching your full potential?


I get it – I’ve been there. I was constantly feeling knackered and like I was failing at everything – as a mother, wife, daughter and friend. Desperately hoping that this wasn’t the best that life got but not seeing that there was another way. 

Did success have to mean broken relationships, never having any time off, losing who I was or what I stood for? Bit by bit the fierce, funny spirit that was the individual who came into this world, was being chipped away.

Did I have to accept this? On the surface things looked great. I’d travelled the world, had several successful careers, a loving husband and two gorgeous girls – but inside I was crumbling – struggling to be everything to everyone. 

Giving everything yet still not feeling fulfilled. Living a life that was a pale comparison to the one I’d imagined when I was young - a life full of dreams where everything felt possible. 

Somehow I’d lost my way, I’d lost my passion and I’d lost my purpose.

So what did I do? I got myself a coach. I got accountability. I got support. I learned new tools. I turned my life around and in doing so found a different path from the one I’d been so frantically pursuing.

The result? Balance, happiness, harmony. Yes – life still has its ups and downs but I no longer feel like I am being buffeted around on a wild sea that’s out of my control. Now those ups and downs are just reminders that part of the beauty of life is its unpredictability.


I’d like to offer you the same opportunity. As a certified One of Many coach and trainer I help my clients grow and flourish.  

So what exactly is coaching? Well - have you ever considered how useful it would be to be able to look at your life and your problems from a completely different perspective? 

To have someone who can help you stand back from your life and see how things could be different? 

Coaching is about discovering. My coaching programme will help you discover what REALLY makes you happy, what you want from life and why you are getting the results you are currently getting. 

There is no agenda other than supporting you to become the version of you that you want to become – the best version. Coaching is non judgemental. I will support you and teach you tools to help you achieve everything you want to achieve.  

Life is precious. Savour every minute – the ups AND the downs. It is irrepressible, exciting, unpredictable, and irreplaceable.  

So what will YOU do with your one wild and precious life? 

One of my clients summed up her experience of working with me like this:

“I am so enjoying finding a better me, coming to terms with ‘living in the now’ - not trawling over past regrets and being at one with who I am today, sounds deep, I know but that’s how I feel.”

How we can work together?